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At this moment WEBO Software no longer provide this service.

You can use distributed content delivery network (CDN) servers to increase website load speed. CDN allows you to;

  • Increase regional availability of your website due to decreased time to deliver website resources to end users.
  • Increase website load speed by eliminating network delays to get static assets.
  • Remove load from your main server related to high visitors flow with website resources mirroring.
  • Increase availability, uptime and security of your website with network which is available 24 hours a day and which can’t be loaded enough even with DDoS attack.

WEBO CDN delivers content to your customers with maximum speed and comfort.

WEBO Software offers several solutions based on NGENIX CDN.


It is an ideal solution for home users and small companies. This CDN allows you to host all static website resources with high performance CDN. Prices starts from $5 / month, there are several options, more info.


WEBO CDN Mirror It is a static high performance website mirror, and WEBO CDN Mirror protects your website from downtime (which can be related to any reason, i.e. to high visitors flow). Additionally this solution guarantees high website load speed.

WEBO CDN Geo Mirror

This solution allows you to setup various website behavior due to customers geographic location without any drawbacks with WEBO CDN Mirror usage. This provides agile setup and room for various use cases.

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I've just been testing every file optimizer that I could find. And this plugin does what it says, out of the box, with no surprises.

Daiv (, 2010

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