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Functionality testing

Possibility to add goods to cart is the key e-store functionality. It’s similar for starter in your auto or entering door to the house. Without this stuff your e-store can’t perform properly and is useless.

With new e-store launch its owner or manager tests possibility to perform an order through the website. But after some time, when the number of goods become greater, or new functions have been added, ordering process can become broken. This can be either due to incorrect actions of content or sales managers, or because of any issues with server-side environment. It’s almost impossible to predict and somehow suspect such troubles, but every hour with broken ordering functionality (which works only as a goods listing) costs a lot of money.

WEBO Software allows you to test e-store functionality in an automatic mode. This includes every action which is possible on your website – starting from adding goods to cart and ending with completing the purchase, or request sending, or user registration.

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Customer way through a store

WEBO Pulsar provides a way to send HTTP requests to your website with the given frequency. And all what you need – just to setup such tests and be sure that everything is working properly, or be notified about any troubles with your website and resolve them as soon as possible.

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