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WEBO Server SpeedUp

WEBO Server SpeedUp is a complex solution to increase speed of a Linux-based (any OS) server. WEBO Software engineers can analyze current situation and perform initial server speedup. After primary optimization actions you will get professional recommendations about server capacity and how to increase it in times.

Analyze and primary optimization actions include:

  • Apache (or LiteSpeed) optimal functions analyze, quick tuning to increase performance.
  • Current DB and related issues analyze. Automated issues fixing for simple cases.
  • PHP files opcode caching (eAccelerator or APC) installation and tuning.
  • Nginx installation and tuning as a frontend server or a separate application server (with fast static files serving functions) to decrease HTTP requests serving expenses.
  • Current server environment fundamental troubles analyze and primary evaluation of possible correcting actions.

After primary actions with server optimization are completed (this leads to 3-5x server speedup in most of cases) you can apply further proposed actions step-by-step, also including robust server side HTML pages caching provided with WEBO Site SpeedUp, including solutions for WordPress, Joomla! and CS-Cart.

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You would think it should blow up with 3 simultaneous themes but it works fine... I also found their support was good.

cadbloke (, 2009

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