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WEBO Site SpeedUp for CS-Cart

WEBO Site SpeedUp addon is a unique solution for CS-Cart to speed your website up because there are simply no other performance-related addons with such functionality. With WEBO Site SpeedUp you can not only tune compression, merging, and caching of the whole website files but also achieve exceptional performance in those cases when you can’t you handy approach.

With large amount of modules and functions WEBO Site SpeedUp completely exceeds Smart Optimizer, and can be installed and tuned as a native addon (with a cute interface, pre-defined configuration sets, and acceleration results). You don’t need to know much about website performance – just install and enable WEBO Site SpeedUp (quick installation manual).


Basic WEBO Site SpeedUp client side acceleration is 2.5-5x, with these results you can save not only traffic but also visitors’ time and increase website rankings in Google (with unobtrusive loading).

Smart HTML pages caching allows you to speed server response up to 4-5x. With client side acceleration it brings your website to a new level of performance and makes it 10-25x faster! Your e-store website was never such fast. Also with server side caching you save CPU resources and can increase visitors density without additional hardware. With WEBO Site SpeedUp you save your hosting payments.

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WEBO Site SpeedUp is the swiss army knife to boost your CMS performance in one place.

Markus Merz, Germany, 2009

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