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Case Studies

With thousands of websites with WEBO Site SpeedUp working, we have a lot of positive feedback from happy companies. Here are some of them.

WEBO Site SpeedUp is a wholesome product to speed up a website. There can be not enough time to tune hosting environment, sometimes you need any solution out of the box — that’s about us. And it’s much easier to have only one module to optimize website performance than apply handy changes to CMS or web server.

Langocity, case study

In the beginning, when website owner had contacted us, pages’ load time was about 13 seconds. This time was brought down to 4.5 seconds, and website became 3x faster after speedup.

After Google Analytics data had been analyzed we got the following results: time on website increased by 12%, average page views – by 17%, and completed goals (sales) – by 40%! So we got a satisfied customer, and Manicure Shop – additional revenue and users’ gratitude.

ManicurShop, case study

WEBO Software has a deep and comprehensive expertise in performance tuning of websites. This is manifested in the work at CMS level, infrastructure, web server, for example, PHP, Apache and specific tools for performance enhancement, and on the OS level itself. So optimization of all relevant factors.

ICTtrainingen, case study

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WEBO Site SpeedUp took my sluggish photography web site and turned it into a fully optimized, fast loading site. This product is by far the best caching and optimizing software available.

Nigel Aves, Colorado, 2009

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