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In the beginning, when website owner had contacted us, pages’ load time was about 13 seconds. This time was brought down to 4.5 seconds, and website became 3x faster after speedup.

After Google Analytics data had been analyzed we got the following results: time on website increased by 12%, average page views – by 17%, and completed goals (sales) – by 40%! So we got a satisfied customer, and Manicure Shop – additional revenue and users’ gratitude.

Manicure and complimentary goods e-store was launched in 2009, and by this moment it has about 30k visitors every month. This business scale requires reliable and time-proven solutions to integrate all processes in the Internet. And this was the main reason why UMI.CMS was chosen for website, and WEBO Site SpeedUp — for its high performance.

Website owner, Dmitry Bazatin, comments the situation: “After UMI.CMS had been installed website became very heavy and web pages were opening too slowly. In additional due to large number of processes website was down time to time, but after WEBO had been integrated the situation became significantly better.”

Despite the fact that website is hosted in Moscow ( hosting), users visit the website from different Russian cities separated by thousands of km, so high website speed increases website usability and its high conversion rate. Also faster website seems to be more creditable, and this was proven by A/B testing of website speed. Returning visitors complete goals and do shopping by 40% more frequently on the fast website. Dmitry also adds that “customers spend more time on the faster website, and this increases sales rate”.

E-store load speed is a major factor of a successful website within high competitive area of the same websites and clones. By increased level of service, high availability and reliability, you can be sure that website has competitive advantage and stable market position.

Fast websites get more visitors from Google, attracts more attention, and seem to be more reliable – this all is proven by numerous investigations and experience of dozens of companies focused on high web performance services. If user chooses from several similar e-stores which have almost the same price for goods and the same delivery cost – a faster one will be in favor. Moreover user returns to faster e-store to make the next order – because it is comfortable to choose and order here.

Dozens of large Russian e-stores even confirm the following words: “By rolling stone gathers no moss”. If e-store is down and not available for most of users (for example due to large website load time) – it won’t earn money, and its owner will get only losses. Movement and speed are required for every business, and speedup is the core WEBO Software service, basis of its business.

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I have been monitoring WEBO Site SpeedUp since last year and I believe they are growing their component very fast. Well it’s great.

drmehdi (, 2010

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