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Website Availability

WEBO Enterprise SpeedoMeter inspects not only a client side of your website(s) performance but also its current server-side health – website general availability and response time (without network delays) statistics.

With the help of WEBO Pulsar service we are monitoring your web resources every minute. This monitoring allows us to plot website availability graphics (with response time). Such graphics reveal all high load issues (or reliability failures) for your website(s). Also we provide all the required info about website down timeframes, its availability matrix with the following timeframes:

  • website up period,
  • great response time period,
  • website partially down period,
  • website completely down period.

With the help of this data you can make proven decisions about any technical improvements for you web resources to increase its availability and reliability.

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This extension much help me to optimize my joomla website simply click this and that, trial and error and woooo my website gain speed significantly from 14.54 s loading time to 3.79 s!

JoomlaSpeed (JED), 2010

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