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Expert Analysis

Based on expert analysis of the client site code WEBO Software engineers issue a set of recommendations to improve your website load speed with a detailed efficiency evaluation of the proposed actions.

All recommendations are based on well-known techniques of client-side performance from Yahoo! (YSlow), Google (Page Speed), and our WEBO Software engineers’ experience (2 web performance books and hundreds or articles and reports). All recommendations are tested against real websites and they are proven with positive results from acceleration of several hundreds of websites. Also all experience is based on deep theoretical researches and website load and rendering flow modeling.

Application of the proposed recommendations can occur under the strict control of WEBO Software technical team. This will increase reliability and ensure successful client-side website speedup.

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I have been monitoring WEBO Site SpeedUp since last year and I believe they are growing their component very fast. Well it’s great.

drmehdi (, 2010

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