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Website Load Speed

WEBO Enterprise SpeedoMeter contains a professional tool to gather and analyze data about client-side your website load speed – it is load speed counter. To start its usage you need only to add a small (under 1 Kb) piece of code to all pages of your website. The counter doesn’t affect your web performance itself, its only gathers required data.

With this counter we can gather all actual information which includes but not limited to: the first time web page appear for your visitors (onDOMready event), complete page load time (onLoad event), total time spending on the page, website domain, and also any information which is accessible from visitor browser.

All gathered data is verified to be valid and actual, after this you will get this data represented in graphical and textual views. For example below there is load time distribution for website visitors.

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WEBO Site SpeedUp is the swiss army knife to boost your CMS performance in one place.

Markus Merz, Germany, 2009

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