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WEBO Site SpeedUp for Joomla!

WEBO Site SpeedUp for Joomla! 1.5x is the only solution which allows you to easily manage your website performance optimization. With WEBO Site SpeedUp you can not only tune compression, merging, and caching for the whole website files but also achieve exceptional performance in those cases when you can’t you handy approach.

With large amount of integrated modules and functions WEBO Site SpeedUp integrates and exceeds the following Joomla! extensions: CssJsCompress, RokGZipper , Content Static, Minify4Joomla, PHP Speed, JA Compress, and many others. But you don’t need them all — just download and use the only one — WEBO Site SpeedUp (Joomla! plugins comparison).


Average website acceleration is 2.5-3x (for example in case of Happy World website GPU (server expenses) were reduced and website was notably accelerated). And this result (due to reduced server side costs to generate pages, reduced number of HTTP requests, and static gzip applied) leads to significantly increased website uptime and its ability to handle much more visitors every day, every hour, and every second!

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You would think it should blow up with 3 simultaneous themes but it works fine... I also found their support was good.

cadbloke (, 2009

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