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WEBO Site SpeedUp

This application is aimed to automate all client side improvements for website that should significantly increase load speed of its pages. Time-proven open source solutions and engineer genius brought together all parts of this puzzle and now you can improve your website in a few simple actions.

WEBO Site SpeedUp algorithm

Behind the scenes

WEBO Site SpeedUp works as a very light proxy for your PHP website — it buffers all output content (or just gets it through CMS API), applies all possible optimizations, and gives accelerated HTML to your end-users. All actions are tested and verified through tough performance standards so overall server load won’t increase. Moreover by implementing caching techniques WEBO Site SpeedUp can reduce CPU computations intensity and increase your web server margin of safety.

WEBO Site SpeedUp operation scheme


WEBO Site SpeedUp supports all types of PHP environments (Windows, LAMP, CGI, mod_php, Denwer, PHP 4, and 5, and 6, etc) and has extended backward compatibility with old systems. Also it supports dozens of well-known CMSes so the integration can be performed completely automatically.


WEBO Site SpeedUp has clean interface that leads you through the whole optimization process without any efforts. WEBO Site SpeedUp will make all computations, optimization actions, and result in your accelerated website. On the other hand you can tune performance step-by-step via dozens of well-documented options to get the required acceleration rate.


WEBO Site SpeedUp is a very powerful tool for client and server side optimization. Through simple tests on default CMS installations it showed average speedup of 150% (2.5 times), up to 400% (5 times) in several cases. Our engineers every day work to improve this rate and make your website the fastest one.

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I've just been testing every file optimizer that I could find. And this plugin does what it says, out of the box, with no surprises.

Daiv (, 2010

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