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Installation Process

WEBO Site SpeedUp can be easily installed on your website. All what you need is to download full package or mini installer to your website and run it. The whole installation process is described in HowTo manual.

As far as WEBO Site SpeedUp works as a proxy for your content it requires minimum integration actions. Usually you need to add 2 strings into your source files (and for supported systems WEBO Site SpeedUp can do this automatically) to complete your website acceleration.


To help technical specialists with understanding the product we prepared a lot of internal documentation describing WEBO Site SpeedUp. Among these docs you can find:

WEBO SiteSpeedUp Installation

Free website speed report

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In all, the plugin looks good, and I'm a big fan so far – tons of features, support, and jeez, tons of documentation.

Michael, Vietnam, 2010

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