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For ISPs

WEBO Software is professionally concerned with the websites’ and web resources’ performance and availability, and we are ready to offer several industry solutions based on our own development (as well as including the well-known open source platforms).

Reducing server costs

We have created an unrivaled product to speed websites up — WEBO Site SpeedUp. It is valuable for hosting providers at first with a fully automatic installation on any number of systems and the ability to reduce the overall load on the server by 30-50% due to the technology of “smart” aggressive caching.

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SaaS platforms development

To automate ISP business operations WEBO Software offers a ready-to-use SaaS-platform (based on open source CMS – WordPress, Joomla!, or Drupal), which possesses all the necessary API for connecting and billing integration into any hosting panel. This solution allows you to provide “1-click” websites to your users.

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WEBO Site SpeedUp is the swiss army knife to boost your CMS performance in one place.

Markus Merz, Germany, 2009

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