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Reducing server costs

WEBO Site SpeedUp — a product for automatic website acceleration — has a number of technologies for “smart” client and server side caching of static and dynamic files. With its automatic installation for hundreds of websites on one server, you can reduce the load from all websites based on the supported CMS.

When you install WEBO Site SpeedUp Hosting Edition, we provide installation scripts which will deploy the module to any website in the automatic mode. Also this module will be completely invisible from the CMS administrative backend, and “smart” caching will reduce to zero the number of calls to technical support: the site will simply run faster and consume fewer resources.

Ready-to-use solutions

Right now you can test the efficiency of WEBO Site SpeedUp and download any module from the section For webmasters and get SaaS license key for testing the Extended Edition of the product (from the page Personal data in the product). You can also download install packages ready to use on hosting panels (based on Softaculous technology).

CMS support

At the moment, “smart” caching server technology is ready and works with the following systems: WordPress, Joomla!, CS-Cart, Magento. We are ready to incorporate the technology of “smart” caching for any of a list of supported systems for product installation in completely automatic mode.

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WEBO Site SpeedUp is the swiss army knife to boost your CMS performance in one place.

Markus Merz, Germany, 2009

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