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WEBO Site SpeedUp 1.0

WEBO Site SpeedUpWEBO Site SpeedUp website optimization software reduces traffic by up to 98% while boosting performance by up to 400%. WEBO Site SpeedUp delivers website optimization for home, business and professional hosting environments on a wide variety of CMS systems and publishing platforms, including Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, Bitrix.

Concord, CA (PRWEB) March 1, 2010 — WEBO Software, a leading innovator of website optimization and performance products today released its Site Speedup 1.0, a complete site acceleration solution for home, business, and professional hosting environments. WEBO Site Speedup helps webmasters build unique site visits with fast loading sites, while reducing data traffic and costly CPU expenses.

With native modules for leading CMS publishing platforms including Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, and Bitrix, plus support for 40+ PHP platforms, WEBO Site SpeedUp combines proven compression and caching techniques to reduce CPU overhead and traffic by up to 98% while accelerating even the most complex corporate portals by as much as 400%.

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WEBO Site SpeedUp is available in a number of performance and support configurations including a Community Edition (Free), Lite ($24.99), and Premium ($99). The Premium Edition plus advanced Installation with custom performance tuning and support retails at $699.

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Easy to install and configure with a few clicks, WEBO Site SpeedUp combines automated CSS and Javascript file merging, gzip techniques, dynamic loading, plus powerful minify and compression (JSMin, YUI, Packer, data:URI, deflate). Optimized rules for Apache, client- and server-side caching, CSS Sprites and mhtml technology, and support for multiple hosts serving static assets and image optimization (, combine to reduce traffic overhead by 88% for text files and up to 60% for images with caching that reduces HTTP requests to 15% of initial values.

Including PHP4 backward compatibility for legacy servers, WEBO Site SpeedUp supports many additional server environments including PHP4/5, Apache, CGI, Denwer, VPS/VDS, shared and collocation environments, and virtual cloud hosting. Express install, a configuration wizard, plus Auto-patch and Auto Update supports 40+ systems with automated updates to make WEBO Site SpeedUp easy to install and manage.

About WEBO Software

WEBO Software, founded in 2007, is a proven leader in website acceleration of PHP-based websites with thousands of installations worldwide. WEBO Software is an expert in both theoretical and practical application of website performance, and offers precise performance solutions for home, business, and corporate sites, in addition to host providers on an OEM and consultative basis.


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This extension much help me to optimize my joomla website simply click this and that, trial and error and woooo my website gain speed significantly from 14.54 s loading time to 3.79 s!

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