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In addition to providing specialized solutions for website speedup and reduce server costs, WEBO Software also develops turnkey system based on its technology and well-known open source systems – WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal. These solutions allow you to deploy a huge number of websites on a single server, minimizing the costs of hardware and technical support (through maximum integration of content management system into hosting panel).

Turnkey solution includes an API for the server calls from the hosting panel and completely envelopes for the user hard disk and database functionality (users can’t make any changes to the system code or install their own extensions), but allows you to expand website functionality through a set of approved modules, components, and themes.

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This extension much help me to optimize my joomla website simply click this and that, trial and error and woooo my website gain speed significantly from 14.54 s loading time to 3.79 s!

JoomlaSpeed (JED), 2010

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