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Features Version Comparison

OptionsDemo or Zero EditionStandard EditionExtended EditionSaaS Edition*
Combine CSS
This set of options allows to merge CSS code (even external files and inline code) into single file.
Combine only CSS included in tag <head>VVVV
Combine all CSS in tags <head> and <body>VVVV
Enable inline styles mergingVVVV
Enable external styles mergingVVVV
Combined CSS file nameXXVw
Host for CSS file(s)XVVw
Exclude CSS file(s) from mergingVVVV
Include CSS code to all combined filesXXVw
Combine JavaScript
This set of options allows to merge JavaScript code (even external files and inline code) into single file.
Combine JavaScript files in <head>VVVV
Combine JavaScript files in <body>VVVV
Enable inline JavaScript merging in <head>VVVV
Enable inline JavaScript merging in <body>VVVV
Enable external JavaScript mergingVVVV
Combined JavaScript file nameXXVw
Host for JavaScript file(s)XVVw
Exclude file(s) from combiningVVVV
Force moving combined script to </head>VVVV
Safe combine modeXVVV
Remove duplicatesXVVV
Mask to merge scriptsXXVV
Minify removes whitespace and other unnecessary characters. Also you can choose the tool for CSS/JavaScript minification or obfuscation.
Minify CSS files with regular expressionsVVVV
Minify CSS files with CSS TidyXVVV
Minify JavaScript files with JSMinVVVV
Minify JavaScript files with YUI CompressorXXVV
Minify JavaScript files with PackerXXVV
Minify JavaScript files with Google CompilerXXVV
Exclude the following file(s) from minifyVVVw
Compress HTML to one stringXVVw
Remove HTML commentsXVVw
Gzip compression for CSS, JavaScript, HTML and other files.
Gzip JavaScriptVVVV
Gzip fontsVVVV
Check for gzip possibility via cookiesXXVw
Use deflate instead of gzip for IE6, IE7XXVw
Client side cache
This set of options allows you to add certain headers which ensures that files are cached on the client-side by the browser.
Cache JavaScriptVVVV
Cache imagesVVVV
Cache fontsVVVV
Cache video filesVVVV
Cache static assetsVVVV
Default timeout to cache HTMLXXVV
Cache external filesXXVw
Most of gzip and cache options can be written for your website configuration automatically.
Enable .htaccessVVVV
Place .htaccess file locally (not to Document Root)VVVV
Use mod_deflate + mod_filterVVVV
Use mod_gzipVVVV
Use mod_expiresVVVV
Use mod_headersVVVV
Use mod_setenvifVVVV
Use mod_rewriteVVVV
Use mod_mimeVVVV
WEBO Site SpeedUp can add a link in your blog footer back to the WEBO Site SpeedUp website. The link can be a text link, a small image link or both. Please support WEBO Site SpeedUp by enabling this.
Add a link to WEBO Site SpeedUpVVVV
Add a WEBO Site SpeedUp imageVVVV
Text for backlinkVVVV
Styles for backlink placementVVVV
Add <!--WSS--> to HTML documentForced to ONVVV
Add load time counterXXVV
A/B testingXXVw
Performance Options
Usually WEBO Site SpeedUp checks if files have been changed since the last access to the page. And uses retrieved information to give existing file from cache or generate a new one. It’s not good from the server side optimization point of view so you can disable this check.
Ignore file modification time stamp (mtime)VVV12 w
Don’t check cache files existenceXXVw
Cache version numberXXVw
Do not use regular expressionsXVVw
Uniform cache files for all browsersXXVw
Restore CSS propertiesXXVw
Days to store cache filesXXVw
Separate HTTPS cache from HTTPXXVw
File system cache engineXXVV
Memcached cache engineXXVw
APC cache engineXXVw
X-Cache cache engineXXVw
Scale HTML imagesXXVw
It is possible to store CSS Background images in data:URI format. This will cut down even further on the amount of HTTP Requests.
Apply data:URIVVVw
Apply mhtmlVVVw
Maximum data:URI sizeVVVV
Maximum mhtml sizeVVVV
Exclude files from data:URIVVVV
Exclude files from mhtmlVVVV
Separate images from CSS codeXXVw
CSS Sprites
It is possible to store CSS Background images as CSS Sprites. This can significantly reduce the number of HTTP requests during website load.
Apply CSS SpritesXXVw
«Aggressive» combine mode for CSS SpritesXXVw
Exclude IE6XXVw
Maximum width and height of imagesXXVV
Maximum width and height of final spritesXXVV
Combine HTML imagesXVVw
Maximum width and height of HTML imagesXVVV
Combine images for the current page onlyXVVw
Exclude the following files from CSS SpritesXVVV
Include only the following files to CSS SpritesXVVV
Add free space for CSS SpritesXXVw
Detect proper format automaticallyXXVV
Prefer JPEG formatXXVw
Server Side Caching
This option allows to cache generated HTML output and prevent a lot of server-side work to generate it. Note, with this option all server-dependent logic will be disabled. All pages will be completely static. Please turn it on only if you are completely sure.
Cache generated HTML filesXVV25 w
Default HTML cache timeoutXVVV
Time to cache cart in e-storeXXVw
Only cache first n bytes of content (flush early)XXVw
Flush content sizeXXVV
List of parts of URLs to exclude from server side cachingXVVw
List of USER AGENTS (robots) to add to cachingXXVV
List of COOKIE to exclude from server side cachingXXVw
List of GET parameters to exclude from server side cachingXXVw
Extreme modeXXVw
Delete expired files from cacheXXVw
SQL caching
WEBO Site SpeedUp can cache SQL queries (for CMS supported on native level) what increases generation time for all website pages.
Cache DB queriesXXV12 w
Queries execution time (ms)XXVV
DB cache timeout (s)XXVV
Exclude table(s) (separated by space)XXVV
Unobtrusive JavaScript
Unobtrusive JavaScript will be loaded right after all content has been shown in a browser (on DOMloaded event). This can significantly increase website load speed.
Basic modeXXVV
Advanced modeXXVw
Advanced mode + inline codeXXVw
Include combined JavaScript file before </body>XVVw
Move all JavaScript code to </body>XVVw
Move JavaScript widgets calls before </body>XXVw
Move counter calls before </body>XXVw
Move advertisement calls before </body>XXVw
Defer iframes loadingXXVw
Unobtrusive ConfigurationXXVw
Load images on DOMReady eventXXVw
Pre-load CSS or JavaScript filesXXVw
Pre-load pagesXXVw
WEBO Site SpeedUp can also add multiple hosts to serve static files (images)
Distribute imagesVVVw
Regular ExpressionXXVw
Check hosts’ availability automaticallyXXVV
Allowed hostsVVVV
Distribute CSS filesVVVw
Distribute JavaScript filesVVVw
Exclude the following files from distributionVVVw
Manual setupVVVV
Current CDN (
Coral CDN (
FTP access to upload filesXVVw
Host available via HTTPSXXVw
WEBO Rocket
Innovative technologies to make any type of website pages extremely faster.
Enable WEBO Rocket for CSSVVVV
Enable WEBO Rocket for JavaScriptVVVV
Put styles firstVVVV
System Settings
There are also a few of system settings that offers extra security for your WEBO Site SpeedUp installation.
Protect WEBO Site SpeedUp installation via htpasswdXXVV
Login to protect WEBO Site SpeedUp with .htpasswdXXVV
Username (to access via HTTP Basic Authorization)XXVV
Password (to access via HTTP Basic Authorization)XXVV
Exclude URL from optimizationVVVV
Additional tools
WEBO Site SpeedUp has additional optimization tools and possibilities to improve your website loading speed.
Static GzipXXVV
Image OptimizationXXVV
CDN SynchronizationXXVV
CSS/JavaScript Files MinifyXXVV

* Symbol w indicates daily expences for using corresponding option in SaaS Edition of WEBO Site SpeedUp. Learn more about SaaS Edition features.